The coronavirus pandemic has changed business owners’ lives in ways most of us could never have expected. It has been a tough time for many of us.


Many of the problems we face are not unique; they are being faced by many business owners in all industries.


Maybe the marketing tactics you used previously are no longer working or relevant for you in these new times, and perhaps you need new ideas to promote your business in new ways?


The internet is full of people talking about 6-figure income this, or 7-figure income that, and how their amazing method is the latest, greatest, or works for every business, in every industry, even where they sell a completely different product.

Are you tired of the hype and looking for a trusted treasure chest of golden marketing tactics to cut through the nonsense and find your own way once you know what tactics are available to you?

We want to show you marketing strategies and tactics that will get you more customers. But we want you to choose them. Why? Because every business, industry, product, service, and buyer are different.

You know your business best. If you cannot afford a consultant, or you want to become your own consultant for as much as you can, we can help you Master Your Marketing and Transform Your Business!

What You Will Learn

  • 1
  • 2
    Strategy & Setup
    • Planning Your Strategy
    • Doing the right things in the right way; setting your marketing up for success!​
  • 3
    Setting Your Marketing Up for Success
    • Setting Up Your Marketing for Success
  • 4
    Telling, Paying & Selling Successfully
    • Selling Successfully
    • Telling the World Through Your PR
    • Paying to Promote
  • 5
    Big Fish, Small Pond; Building Community Awareness
    • Big Fish, Small Pond – Building Community Awareness
  • 6
    Building Your Business & Personal Brand
    • Building Your Business Brand
    • Rocking Your Personal Brand
  • 7
    Building an Awesome Website & Email List
    • Building an Awesome Website
    • Generating an Email List
  • 8
    Making an Impact Online
    • Setting Your Content Marketing on Fire
    • Making the Most of Social Media
  • 9
    Building Social Proof
    • Building Social Proof
  • 10
    Measuring Your Marketing Results
    • Measure Your Marketing Results
  • 11
    Building Your Marketing Machine Using Flows, Flywheels & Funnels
    • Using Funnels and Flywheels FREE PREVIEW
    • Train, plane or...; create momentum with your marketing strategy.
    • Building Your Marketing Machine Using Flows FREE PREVIEW
    • Attract people through free giveaway
    • Build an email list using a blog
    • Build an email list using Facebook
    • Build an email list using Linkedin
    • Build an email list using the phone
    • Build Social Proof
    • Build your brand awareness
    • Build your social media connections
    • Build your social network connections - physical networking meetings
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Encourage repeat custom
    • Establish thought leadership
    • Gain free publicity
    • Get more calls
    • Get more recommendations
    • Get people to a free event using Facebook Ads
    • Get people to a free event using social media
    • Increase referrals
    • Increase Sales
    • Raise street awareness_ A-boards
    • Raise street awareness_ Carry business cards
    • Raise street awareness_ Hand out leaflets
    • Raise street awareness_ Hand out samples
    • Raise street awareness_ Leaflet residential properties
    • Raise street awareness_ Vehicle wrap
    • Reach newspaper and magazine readers
    • Reach radio and TV audiences
    • Reduce purchasing friction
    • Send people to a lead page
    • Reviewing the Course & Acting